Saturday, June 11, 2011

It Never Lasts Long

I'll never understand

how each smile

you put on my face

can be quickly replaced

by your harsh criticisms

and sudden cynicism

As if seeing me happy

causes you fear

What makes you more


My laughter or my tears?

You hate every single

thing that brings me joy

I often feel like a

neglected toy

I sit on your prized shelf

and feel proud of myself

Because your eyes on me

is ecstasy

But when you start speaking

it feels like you're seeking

the easiest way to make me cry

the simplest way to make me want to die

You twist my dreams into fragments of nothing

you kick me when I'm down and claim that it's loving

I am your fragile porcelain doll

When I shatter to pieces

Your hand will have caused the fall

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