Monday, June 6, 2011

Good Catch

I endeavor to meet with you again

It really doesn't matter when

You caught me on a hook with just one line

You weren't even fishing; just getting tangled with mine

It's what I always seem to do

I get caught up when people are too good to be true

When they aren't afraid of who they are

And share themselves no matter how bizarre

You're someone I aspire to be

And that can often mean the world to me

This sometimes makes me more delicate

And makes some words feel like they are hard to forget

But don't be put off, I'm just as you

Searching this planet for connections, too

And when we speak again someday

I won't be shy or look away

I'll muster all my courage and not appear trite

And thank you for what you gave me that night

It was a glimpse into your very soul

And I can only hope to repay in full

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