Friday, August 13, 2010

"Yeah, we've all got problems..."

Vagina Problems

When my girl friend visits
We talk about how silly everyone is
Sometimes we realize how silly we are
Vagina problems
Marriage, babies, death
We can't tell which one we want to avoid the most
And we laugh because maybe these three instances feel the same
It is laughter that saves us
The mischievous giggling wafting into the night
Like witches we cackle to the open-minded moon
Casting love spells so that she may deliver perfectly our messages
to those men who don't seem to exist
We know that love and security just aren't enough
For we see the magic in between

(Inspired by Meg)


I act uninterested
when your name
comes up
I turn my head
to hide whatever
shadow may
have fallen
on my face

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