Thursday, August 12, 2010

Poetry Group

On a sticky night in August I checked out this poetry reading at a local coffeehouse
There was this one girl with a lot of dangly fake silver bracelets and a fake smile to match
with a binder full of rhyming poems about how much she loved her boyfriend, how sad it was
when they broke up and how the rain made her feel both happy and sad
All of the pages were so bright and cheerful or dark and grey depending on the topic
There was a middle aged woman who wrote little stories for her children with quirky
characters with drawings to match
Her voice was whimsical and brought a laugh to my heart
There were two old men with old notebooks and a separate pair of prescription glasses
for reading
One told us about his life, his wife and the search for a truth he believe no longer existed
The other about birds, and nothing more
A gentleman around my age carried a leatherbound journal and was trying too hard to be
Charles Bukowski
A girl barely 18 to his left with too much eyeliner told us she wanted to kill herself every day
but that she was so afraid of everything and that scared her the most
There were odes and sonnets and rhyming and no rhyming and free flow verse and haiku
with a little bit of banter in between to make it all go down smoother
It was my turn
I had nothing
No notebook, journal or binder could contain what I would have to say
There is not enough paper in the world upon which to fill my thoughts
Most importantly, there was not enough courage in the world to be given to me
to share as these have
My silence was my pledge for mercy
My listening eyes as they read was establishing my role there
But no one noticed
And walking back out into the sticky night I felt a cool, refreshing breeze of relief


  1. that was a good story, makes me miss the coffee and book days we had at BAM.

  2. Aww :( I know, man

    BAM Crew for Life <3