Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Gale

This rainstorm looks like a gale
And I am on the deck of my ship
staring out into all of the greyness
but I remain dry on my covered front porch
taking in the anger of the town
There is a hint of drug use in this town
Wondering what the purpose behind "laying on the horn" is
Remembering how I once succumbed to its nonsense in a near-death experience
a careless driver caused me once
A couple starts fighting in the parking lot
of the convenience store across the street
just to prove my point
I start thinking about walking around with my childhood friends in the rain
I had a fear of manhole covers
I never walked over them
Sewers, we called them
"Why?" One of them asked
He always thought he was so smart
I said, shyly and awkwardly,
"Well, I uh-heard there was electricity down there..."
"There's just water! Water and electricity don't mix! The whole world would blow up!"
I accepted it
Now, at 27 I stare at the power lines dripping with water...
The world was slowly blowing up
Maybe there was electricity running beneath us
and not quite enough water to put out our own fires
That's why I prefer to keep my ship docked these days
Safe in the harbor
For sea-worthy, I am not

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