Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Let's Go Fly a Kite

I've been having a lot of crazy dreams lately and when I wake up I can only remember bits and pieces of them. And they usually are the crazy parts. What's even stranger than that is that often times I will remember a snippet of the dreams when I see something in waking life like the next day and stop and stare and go "Woah."

I was with Meghan at the beach the other day.

We were filming for her film class and I think it will come out really nice.

On the way home I looked over and saw a red and blue kite flying somewhere in the distance.

I remembered a dream.

My friend Ryan and I flying kites.

But it was in a world where that was all there was to do.

Maybe some kind of weird heaven or something.

I think it would be cool to make a kite.

Maybe we can make it fly?


So last night I have these series of dreams and I know my Grandpa was in like all of them.

In one of them he had his legs again and we were at a bar.

The weird thing was he was already drunk and trying to act like he wasn't so someone would serve him another drink.

I just remember following him around and taking a sip of some whiskey drink when we finally got some and thinking it tasted really strong.

I think I've talked about this before.

But sometimes....because my vision gets weird either before or during seizures....I'm not sure if something I did see was real or a dream.

I did see the beach.

I saw the waves.

But I remember greens in places that green didn't belong.


The other night was the Leonid meteor shower and Mike and I saw some.

He said the next day he was pretty sure we saw 11 total.

I can only remember about 4 of them.

But it was cool.

Someday I'll get to an area where I can see a meteor shower that looks like that.

The Perseid one is coming up in December.

I hear it's supposed to be huge.


A lot of things are coming up.

New Moon premieres on Friday.

I'm not sure if I'm going to go see it that day or not.

It depends on people and plans and stuff.

Ryan once again said he'd come visit sometime this weekend.

Then the movie thing.

Then on one of these days Jackie is supposed to be making dinner.

That's in Clearwater.

Jackie is one of Mike and Billy's old co workers and she's really cool from what I've known of her online presence.

Ryland is supposed to be there too and another girl named Jessica that I saw in a video Mike made of him and a bunch of people drinking mixed drinks out of giant fish bowls.

Yes, it was funny.


I'm still coughing this cold out.

Sloowwwllly but surreellllyyy I think all the nastiness is dissipating.

I'm glad because it's starting to make me miserable.'s continuing to make me miserable.

And I don't want to be anymore.


Bob Dylan is singing right now.

I'm drinking iced tea.

It's still too hot to be November.

I think Meghan is supposed to come over and take more photos.

I'm having writers block again.

I should write about hope.

People keep talking about it lately.

I think hope can quickly turn into expectations if we aren't careful.

I think we should focus more on gratitude and what we have right in front of us.

Or maybe it's just the question of what we have hope for....

We shouldn't hope for futures that might not exist....or is that pessimistic?

Maybe it's just....realistic?

I always get confused with those labels.

Maybe that's the whole point.

Let's not label for a whole day.

Let's just be.

Be what?

Whatever we want to be.

And let's be ok with that.

And in the meantime....send me some cool photos....

I need inspiration desperately.

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