Thursday, November 12, 2009

Colds suck

You know what sucks MORE than that?

The fact that I just came from Michigan....I was around people who had colds and I didn't catch anything.

Then I somehow catch one either from the plane rides or from drastic climate change or whatever.

Is it really November?

Why am I wearing shorts?

*shakes head sadly*

Well, I'm back in the southern parts and haven't really done all that much nor have I really had time to let it all sink in due to coughing fits that sound like demons are trying to jump out of my chest and this feeling like my head is full of snot.

It's day 3 and it feels better than day 1 and 2 but it still SUCKS :(

My weak immune system always takes forever to get rid of what most people can shake in a day.

Fluids, (I've developed an addiction to apple juice), chicken soup, bananas and these "delicious chocolatey bars" (as Dave calls them) have been filling me up though.

I've been banned from my Grandpa's house lol

How crazy is that?

I understand though. The old man doesn't need to get sick from this crap after all the other crap he's been dealing with.

It's Thursday....that means tomorrow it better be all gone so people won't be afraid to come visit me. ;)

I wish I could say I've been doing something exciting but I really haven't.

I've read a little.

Today I feel like writing which is why I'm even blogging.

I've been listening to music.

Last night Mike and I had a New Found Glory singalong.

We showed Dave Josh Groban and it was crazy because Dave was listening to Edith Piaf and that's who Ken said I should check out.

He said to read her autobiography and that I reminded him of her.

So it was like a reminder from Dave to check her out.

I really want to watch Heavenly Creatures.

I miss my crazy girls.

I tried to find it to pack it in Michigan and it was GONE!!!

Who would do such a thing?

I don't know if it just got misplaced or taken accidentally or if someone watched it and didn't put it where I had it....blah blah blah

I'm sad though :(

It's my favorite movie ever.

Ok, so Florida friends....hopefully I see a good majority of you this weekend.

If not, there will be plenty of weekends I'm sure.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is coming up.


Oh, and more importantly, New Moon is coming out on the 2oth.

Oh yeah.

Meghan says there's a midnight showing on the 19th..hmm....

we shall see.

I have to get my Twi-fans congregated or something.

Well, this is boring now.

I think I want another banana....

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